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TTM&M offers your company the opportunity to promote its products and services for a fraction of the cost of normal advertising.

Corporate electronic newsletters and brochures enable you to reach a worldwide audience in minutes. We will create and design a brochure or newsletter to highlight your corporate identity, including banners, logos and colours. Your niche newsletters give you the opportunity to get your message to your employers, clients and customers. They provide an ideal platform for players in the various industries to raise their profile with readers that are specifically interested in those industries.

Either you provide us with the information you want mailed or we will find it for you by monitoring the Internet and other news sources for any mention of your business, your products or your competitors. An integral part of our service is the use of high performance filter software, which helps us monitor millions of web sites for you, combined with the search-method of our editorial team. Our newsletters give your readers only what is of interest to them, and are a complete resource for news in each area.

Customised media monitoring and news clipping service
E-mail marketing
Media Monitoring and news clipping service
Media releases